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How To Install Apple’s iOS7 Beta 1Without Developer Account


If you own an Apple device such as iPhone or iPod, you will know what it worth to install the new iOS 7 beta 1 on your Apple device. The new iOS 7 Beta 1 came at the best time for all Apple fan but before you can install the new iOS Beta 1 on your iDevice, you need to have a developer access, i.e … [Read more...]

Infinix Zero Best Alternative, Infinix Surf Bravo X503

Infinix surf bravo

Infinix zero and infinix surf bravo x503 are brother-like in the mobile world. The best infinix zero alternative you can ever dream off for now is infinix surf bravo x503. Inifinix surf bravo x503 may turn out to be your infinix zero best alternative you will buy out of the infinix surf series in … [Read more...]

How to Format Android With A Locked Screen Pattern

Locked Screen

Android locked screen pattern is the best method often used by many Android users this day as a means of security instead of using the cliche PIN method. Not because it more secure to use Android locked screen pattern but Android users found joy in drawing the pattern. And, at the same time, it is … [Read more...]

How to BackUp Android Phone Using Gmail Account

BackUp Android Phone

To backup Android phone successfully is one of the most important aspect of Android settings I don't just play prank with. I see many Android users using Android backup app to backup their files on Android instead of using their Gmail account, I don't do blame them it's due to individual difference … [Read more...]

How To Make Your Android Phone Load Fast

Make Your Android Phone Load Fast

If you want to make your Android phone load fast, you need to understand some basic things when you make yourself acquainted with your Android phone. Under normal circumstances, your Android phone will load fast when you buy it but after some weeks, you may start to noticed some strange behavior … [Read more...]

Top 5 And Recommended Paypal Alternative For Online Shopping

Paypal alternative

There is no alternative to the best but when it comes to Paypal alternative, there are some closed related service that are worth considering but not as best as paypal and that is why I’m classifying them as Paypal alternative. It’s a moment of joy when Paypal extends their service down to some … [Read more...]

Google Service Framework Android Code For Android Users

Google Service Framework codes

To download from Google play store using PC, you need Google Service Framework in order to be able to use APK file downloader using APK Chrome extension. Google Service Framework is one of the Google play store services that let Android users download Android app using third party site or App like … [Read more...]