How To Double Wi-Fi Signal Strength On Wireless Devices

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Most devices this day has an in-built wireless connection to make life easier for users. For the fact that technology has improved rapidly in this recent time, many thing has been at technologist fingers tip. Gone are days when you have to browse with an internet connection cable affixed to your laptop cable port as […]

4 Different Ways To Update All Windows Software Automatically


Virtually all windows software should get update as soon as there is a new feature included by the developer but few out of numerous numbers of windows software has the facility to update themselves. If all software were to be like Google Chrome, things would have been very easy and there would be no need […]

Top 5 Online iPhone And iPad Emulator For Your Website


If you have not tested your website responsiveness on various platform to know how responsive your website on mobile then you are seriously missing something and you are not really taken the necessary precaution to ensure safety and as well to ensure proper functionalities of your website. As far as mobile is concern, iOS is […]

Top YouTube Video Download For Linux Users


YouTube is one of the best sources of watching videos online with millions of videos and millions of users on daily basis. If you are familiar with how YouTube works, you will discover that before you cannot download YouTube video directly from YouTube and before that can be done, it would have to be another […]

Understanding The Use Of SnapChat For Digital Marketers


Since the humble launch of SnapChat app in 2011, the SnapChat app has indeed gone viral from what users can only be regarded as a Smartphone app for sharing photos and videos to essential internet marketing tool. The concept of making the best out of SnapChat can be strategic but nevertheless it worth spending so […]

Top Samsung Galaxy S5 Amazing Features

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Getting my new Samsung Galaxy S5 is the most amazing moment to be frank. It all comes like magic not until I finally touched it, try to play around with some amiable features of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and it sounds nothing but amazing. Talking about Samsung brand, in fact Samsung Galaxy S5 is […]

3 Ways To Know If Someone Else Is Using Your WiFi Connection Unethically

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The way people are stealing wireless connection this day is very common. Internet users are very desperate about browsing the web this day without having the mind of paying dine and on the verge that there has either direct or unethical access to your WiFi connection, which would have been the only way out to […]